GOO'D Kratom Klouds HHC Disposable Vaporizer | 2.2g

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Each 2.2g device contains a unique blend of olive-derived HHC, Kratom Extract, and flavor-packed terpenes! Users can now experience the benefits of kratom effortlessly. Typically when consuming kratom, users have to fumble with powder or capsules. Another issue is the bitter taste some users find hard to get past.

This disposable combines two plant-based medicines that often go hand in hand with mouthwatering terpenes. This ensures users never experience a mess or that bitter kratom extract taste!

If users need a quick burst during the day without reaching for another coffee, Kratom Klouds is the answer. Users can experience an uptick in energy, mood enhancement, and a slight buzz from HHC!

Get your daily dose of Kratom without any hassle with this powerful and easy to use device.
  • 2.2g capacity
  • Pre-filled disposable vape
  • Kratom & HHC blend
  • Button activated