Hidden Hills - 2G Heady Blend Cartridges

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Another masterpeice collection from Hidden Hills! This 2G Heady Blend Cartridge contains the perfect blend of THC-A Ultra, D-9 & THC-B for an ultimate expereince. 

Super Sour Diesel | a potent sativa with a pungent, earthy, and diesel fragrance, offering a blend of serenity, focus, joy, and creativity; while an excellent choice for daytime use, it may be overpowering for new users due to its robust effects.

Strawberry Cough | an indica strain, envelops you in the undeniable fragrance of strawberry, pine, and pepper, offering effects that promote focus and energy; derived from a Haze cultivar and an unknown runt near a strawberry patch, this strain's unmistakable strawberry flavor transports you to the field where it originated, with subtle notes of pine, pepper, and spice underneath, making it an ideal choice for daytime use to enhance productivity.