Hidden Hills - 2G Live Sugar Cartridges

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Hidden Hills Live Sugar cartridges are developed with the Rizz Mix blend of HTE, D9 and THC-P cannabinoids and crafted utilizing the latest cold water extraction and blending process. These carts include a new and improved ceramic coil with faster vaporization, improved airflow, and a larger design that prevents clogging and liquid residue buildup while delivering a clean and smooth flavor. 

Confetti cake | Indica: This indica blend will take you back to the first time you had a sweet vanilla cake for the first time. With each inhale, you'll experience hints of vanilla, and almond; all harmoniously infused with rich cannabis vapor. 

Lemon Bandit | Hybrid: A Hybrid blend designed to take you on a zesty and citrusy journey with a triple dose of lemony delight. With each inhale, you'll experience the bright, tangy notes of lemon zest, lemonade, and lemon sorbet, all harmoniously infused with cannabis vapor.

Mega Gummy | Sativa: Take a whimsical trip down memory lane with the playful essence of your favorite gummy candies, now in a single used cartridge. This vape captures the zany, fruity flavor, offering a dynamic blend of sweet and tangy notes.

Strawberry Frostie | Sativa: This Sativa strain offers a harmonious blend of sweet, sun-kissed strawberries and a cool, infusion of cannabis vapor. With each inhale, you'll be greeted by the invigorating chill of frost, followed by the luscious, fruity sweetness of strawberries.