Hidden Hills - 2G VVS Liquid Diamond Cartridges

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Hidden Hills VVS Liquid Diamond cartridges Night Night Blend: Hidden Hills' in-house developed blend of THC-A, D9, and THC-P cannabinoids crafted utilizing the latest extraction and blending processes.

Sugar Monster | Indica: An indulgent indica strain that entices the senses with its irresistibly sweet aroma and flavor

Peachy Bombay| Indica: An exquisite indica strain that seamlessly combines the delicate sweetness of ripe peaches 

Cantaloupe Slushy | Hybrid: A captivating hybrid strain that blends the succulent sweetness of ripe cantaloupe

Keylime Zest | Sativa: An invigorating sativa strain that combines the tangy zest of keylime

Whipped Orange | Sativa: A tantalizing sativa strain that invigorates the senses with its orange citrusy aroma