Modest & Co. Odor Eliminating Candle

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These candles target and neutralize unpleasant odors - leaving medium-sized rooms smelling fresh! At 9oz don't let the size fool you, because of using coconut apricot wax, this candle burns for around 30-35 hours a jar!


Sativa Diva Candle - a pick-me-up in a jar! Inspired by the popular Maui Wowie strain, and using coconut apricot wax, this odor-fighting candle is bursting with notes of exotic fruits, citrus, and hibiscus palm! But that's not all - we also use powerful and natural odor-eliminating agents when burned!  

Indica Girl Candleis the ultimate chill-out accessory! This complex candle is inspired by Gran Daddy Purp and lighting one up on the porch while watching the storm. Using luxurious, coconut apricot wax, Indica Girl is an intriguing scent that uses calming rainwater, lavender, lilies, and more! 

Fluffy Loops Candle - Scented to fruity cereal greatness - making it the perfect way to enjoy amazing scent experiences all while attacking unwanted stenches!
Whether you're trying to neutralize icky smells or just want to chill to a simpler time, this sweet candle is the one for you!

Fluffy Toast Candle - This cereal fragrance uses your favorite Cinnamon Crunch flavor and transforms it into a nostalgic candle that attacks any unwanted air-borne odors in your home! Swirling cinnamon and sugar combine in this hand-poured candle to create an air-freshener product unlike any you've seen before!